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FIGHT offers clinical research, comprehensive HIV primary care, education, advocacy, outreach, free Internet access, library services and much more!

  • FIGHT reached over 8000 people in 2014.
  • Through our educational outreach and advocacy efforts we served thousands more!
  • We want to do more. With your support we can accomplish our goal of ending the AIDS epidemic in the lifetime of those currently living with HIV.

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Community Need

  • Philadelphia accounts for 55% of the cumulative AIDS cases in Pennsylvania .
  • The percentage of people living with AIDS is increasing in Philadelphia (Between 1997-2000, there was a 39% increase).
  • Once an epidemic viewed largely as affecting men who have sex with men, the HIV epidemic increasingly reflects a pandemic of poverty, stigma, and historical lack of opportunity.
  • Our patients are increasingly impoverished, with 53% living at or below the poverty line and an additional 18% living below 200%.

With our supporters, look at what we’ve accomplished!

  • Creation of the Jonathan Lax Treatment Center in 1997. The Lax Center is currently the largest HIV/AIDS community based clinic in Philadelphia .
  • Development and participation in a wide range of clinical trials, including the FIGHT/Wistar Collaboration with Luis Montaner, D.Phil, which has studied individualized protocols for Structured Treatment Interruption and other aspects of immune reconstitution, along with a large menu of industry sponsored trials, expanded access studies, and behavioral interventions.
  • Sponsorship of the Critical Path AIDS Project, an Internet Service Provider linking 10,000 HIV infected or affected users in four area codes to free dial-up internet connections, free email, web site hosting, and listserv hosting that is also advertising free.
  • Development of Project TEACH (Treatment Education Advocates Combating HIV) which has graduated over 2000 HIV-positive persons, 96% of them people of color with an average educational attainment less than high school graduates, from an intensive nine week program stressing HIV treatment, treatment adherence, secondary prevention, and the emotional and social aspects of living with HIV.
  • The coordination and management of AIDS Education Month every June, which in 2006 included three conferences with average attendance >300 community leaders, over 100 individual presentations to community groups, government agencies, and churches, and the sponsorship of AIDS Testing Day activities that included sponsorship by the Family Court and the Franklin Institute Science Museum, among others.